Our Vision:

We've had a vision for a Christian, Family Friendly naturist retreat for many years now and after much prayer and seeking the right property we have finally opened Eden Ranch.  It's certainly still a work in progress, but aren't we all?

We believe in living life as God intended from the very beginning...naked and not ashamed.  And we are commited to providing a place to enjoy life as God intended that is wholesome, Christ honoring and safe for the entire family!

We are a Christian focused naturist retreat under construction...

We are Kim and Jim and we are your hosts.  We discovered naturism over 15 years ago while Jim was pastoring.  A friend had asked him to talk their relative out of being a nudist...Jim agreed, but asked for a week to conduct a thorough search of the scriptures so he had a Bible basis for the discussion.  After a week of study and much prayer, we found that the Bible was full of examples of the commonplace of nakedness with no condemnation from God.  In fact, some of the examples we found were prompted and even commanded by God.  We were shocked to say the least, but we had been raised with a Bible standard...that if God was for it, we were for it and if God was against it, we were against it.  What we found was that it was God that had created us naked and not ashamed, that it was God that wanted to display His image in mankind.  That it was Satan that wanted to cover the image of God and that Satan was the one trying to convince mankind that God's image in man was somehow shameful.  How sad that today most Christians are promoting Satan's lie instead of God's truth!  That Bible study is now available on the website www.NakedAndUnashamed.org along with a host of articles for your entertainment and enlightenment.  We made our first visit to Whitetail Resort in Ivor, Virginia shortly thereafter and met the absolutely most wonderful people.  We were hooked, we had discovered the way that God had intended for us to live all along and we've never looked back.  Since that day we've had a vision to provide a Christian focused naturist retreat where Christians of all ages, ethnicities, walks of life and denominations could come and enjoy a little break from the outside world and enjoy life as God intended from the start.  A place where God's love would abound and people would be treated like family.  Eden Ranch is that place.  We pray that you'll enjoy your visit!

 Welcome to Eden Ranch

Located 8 miles east of Livingston, Texas we are in the beautiful countryside of the Piney Woods area of East Texas.

We are just a 20 minute ride to some of the best fishing that Texas has to offer in both Lake Livingston and the Trinity River.  Our fishing is so good here that it made it's appearance on a few of the major fishing shows such as River Monsters featuring our awesome Alligator Gar.  Lake Livingston has some of the best White Bass and Catfish fishing that you'll find anywhere in the country.

The deer, coyote and wild pig are plenteous and you'll have lots of viewing opportunities.

The city of Livingston is only a 10 minute ride away and has some pretty good antique shopping as well as grocery, home improvement, fast food and walmart shopping.

We're close enough to the city to be convenient, yet far enough in the country to be beautiful and private.